We placed an order for a Hoyer in Jan, 2017. Shortly after, in the week of 1-23, we cancelled the order because our loved one was placed in hospice and then passed away. It took repeated calls and requests by us to get the order cancelled. Each time we called, their rep would say the account still showed as open, until they "read the notes" and saw a note it had been cancelled. But they could not/would not provide a cancellation confirmation...
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I didn't like
  • Non-responsive
  • Very poor service
My parents ordered 2 lift chairs from SpinLife. First chair was unusable after 1 month. Been calling customer service to resolve this issue. Been 4 months. Told them how dissatisfied and wanted to return both chairs (now 2nd chair is having the same issues/problems) as the first chair. SpinLife offered a $300 compensation for their issues. Went to the bank, check came up with ERROR...could not cash. Are you kidding me! Please avoid this company...
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I didn't like
  • Cannot talk to a human
  • Awful customer service
  • Poor workmanship
Order chair and it was listed different on the web site then in catalog. Catalog stated 5"10 to 6"2 for large chair. When I got chair it was not right as I am 6"1 and my feet hung over end by 3 inches. Now after looking in catalog which they say was a misprint which they didn't tell you over phone after I went on site. Now I have to reorder it is a restocking fee of almost $200.00 plus I have to pay for the white glove service again which is...
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I didn't like
  • Restocking feesnot fit as advertised

Go-Go Elite Traveller Scooter Review

Resolved scooter issue thank you

Other product Review

No Excuse Medical is a much better company. Have dealt with both. Spin life slow to ship and slow to respond. I called No Excuse Medical and got exactly what I needed when they said I would. If you want excellence call No Excuse Medical 704-873-9000. You will be happy you did.

Mobility Scooter Review

Orderd scooter and lift! The scooter was shipped promptly; however its been 15 days and still no lift. Just want to let people know it takes a lot longer to recieve the lift from manufacturer's. warehouse .
Do NOT do business with this company unless you are absolutely certain you will be happy with the product ordered. I ordered a "walker holder" for a mobility scooter for my 95-year-old mother for Christmas. It shipped on December 8, but was a Christmas gift, so was not opened until the 25th. Because she also happens to live in another city, I was unable to get to her until mid-January to mount, and practice using the walker holder. While the...
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Anonymous You decided that you were entitled to an exception to their policy. Guess what -- you're not.

Got different chair than ordered. It was tiny and way to small for me and I am only 5'!!! Sent it back - took forever to pick it up (5-8wks??) The transporters had no cover protection for it so I had to give them a couple of good sheets to protect it. At the same time I bought a 4-wheeler go-go scooter. Only got to use it once! The lift that I purchased doesn't fit my car and the one time that I used it was like crazy to get it off and on and...
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I was told the wheelchair would take 6-8 days to arrive. I ordered it on Nov. 15 and expected it on day 8 which was Nov. 23. It didn't arrive, and when I called, I was told it wouldn't be here until Nov. 29 , which is a lot more than 6-8 days from ordering. Obviously, someone ordering a wheelchair needs it sooner rather than later. There was mention of "free 2-day delivery" on the website....Also, my broken wheelchair is a Tracer, and yet Spin...
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I liked
  • Fast delivery
I didn't like
  • Being told i would have the wheelchair 6-8 days after ordering
  • Order processing
Put together the Drive patient lift, charged the batteries over night to full charge, pushed the button on the hand unit and nothing happened. Called Spinlife and they transferred me to a Drive technician who said it was the hand unit that was not functioning. They sent me a new one and it failed to solve the problem. That was the last actual help I received. Now their "expert" support person, Ms Heather Williams x 718 won't answer her phone or...
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Anonymous had a bad experience nowing what I needed tried to sell me something I did not ask for

i put in for warranty work starting on aug 9, today is sept 30 and don't have a working chair. it was a problem with the key cylinder the neede to be replaced. took 2 weeks for the part to come and the repair tech to get to me. he fixed it alright. by the time he was done it didnt work at all. then he needed to take it back to his shop for a proper repair. new parts, wrong parts, new parts , wrong parts and i still dont have a working scooter....
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had to deal with every dept there is .needless to say they had to call manufacutor they were rude and caused us great anxiety fear AND WERE VERY RUDE. took them a month and patient atrophied worse, she still has trauma experiences afreaid it will not work . T his is supposed to be a disability company well do the math. Still wating for resolution. Buyer Beware How can People sell products to disabled people and fing that their...
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Headquarters Address:
330 West Spring Street Suite 303
Columbus, OH 43215
(614) 564-1402

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The very expensive Zero Gravity lift chair we purchased came broken, I started calling the day of delivery(that took forever), All I get is tremendous stories of awful things happening to all the technicians that are supposed to come and fix it, have been told a tech will call in 2 business days, dont hear anything, I have to keep calling(8 times now), and still getting the same lame stories and excuses....we paid alot of money for this thing, I...
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